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Insurance Refused To Remove His Tumor-Like Masses, So Complete Strangers Raise $26K+ For Surgery.

The kindness of strangers is truly surprising sometimes.

And for one Milwaukee man, he knows that is all too true. Today, he’s living the good life after more than a decade of darkness, thanks to nearly 1,000 compassionate Good Samaritans who heard about his heartbreaking story in a local newscast last fall.

Nearly 13 years ago, Keith Crowell went to a barbershop for a simple cut and shave.

He came away with nicks on both sides of his face. While those types of wounds usually heal, in Keith’s case, the cuts gave rise to keloids, r masses of skin that covered his neck and ears.


Not one, but two operations to remove nearly 40 pounds of excess flesh were unsuccessful, and the keloids returned.

This time, they were even larger, affecting not only his ability to hear and swallow, but also eat and sleep. Meanwhile, his insurance company refused to cover the cost of having the growths removed, saying it was a cosmetic procedure.


After telling his story to a local television station, total strangers donated more than $25,000 to help offset costs of the surgery. A plastic surgeon in New York performed the procedure in phases, removing the masses on one side of his face in the first operation. He then shrank the growths on the other side with radiation, removing them for good in a second procedure two months ago.


According to specialists, there’s only a four percent chance that the keloids will ever return.

“I feel a lot lighter. It’s a lot of weight off my shoulders. I’m energetic. I feel more of myself. I feel more alive,” said Keith. And that’s not all! The 56-year-old casino security guard can finally greet customers with a now-unburdened smile on his face.


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