Ailing 80-Yr-Old Forced To Leave Home He Built, So Son Grabs Drone & Shoots Beautiful Video.

Jack Libbey’s dad put his heart and soul into building the house of his dreams. They found the land, 120 acres to be exact, and built a barn, a work shed, and beautiful home on it.

But after more than 20 years living there, Jack’s dad, now 80, and mom have to sell it so they can move closer to doctors. As his father says, “we’re just getting too damn old.” When the couple decided to list their home, they struggled with how they would find the right family. After putting so much love and life into the place, they knew a real estate agent would just snap some photos, post them online, and wait for an offer. That wouldn’t do the home justice.

That’s when Jack stepped in.


To help move things along, Jack used his drone to gather footage of the incredibly beautiful vistas that surround the home, then edited everything together. The resulting footage is reminiscent of any film or documentary shot in the foothills of the eastern Rocky Mountains, with wide-open skies and deep canyons stretching out to a lushly forested horizon.


He’s done a pretty good job of getting the word out, to say the least.

The video’s been viewed more than 20 million times since he posted it on March 15, and shared more than 521,000 times.


The video includes stunning panoramic vistas spread out beneath clear-blue, wide-open skies, interior shots of the nearly 3,000-square-foot home, and Jack’s father pensively wandering around the property.


“We built ourselves a sanctuary and called it Rock Springs … We put our heart and soul into this place. I know the right family is out there to carry the torch,” he says while seated at a table, gazing thoughtfully out a nearby window.


For more information about this incredible home, click here.

Watch the mesmerizing video below, and share to spread the wonderful place they created!

Facebook friends, I need your help. My dad is almost 80 and stuck in a house up in the Bighorns of Wyoming. He needs to sell it to move someplace closer to a doctor, but can't because the real estate agents in his area just snap a pic and it just sits on the MLS for years and years and isn't ever actually marketed. I went there with my drone and camera and made him a video to help him sell it, but I really need some shares and maybe someone will be in a position to know someone who might be interested. The website for the house is http://www.rockspringshouse.comPlease share if you would. And thank you.

Posted by Jake Libbey on Wednesday, March 15, 2017