First Place Runner Collapses 100 Meters From Finish, Then Feels ‘Someone Pick Me Up.’

Sometimes we need a little help to get over the finish line.

During the 26.2 mile Beach to Beacon marathon race in Maine, USA, Jesse Orach was the man to beat. Coming in at first place last year and a favorite to win in 2017, Orach proved his metal by pulling away from the pack for an early lead after just a few miles.

Fellow runner Robert Gomez was about 30 seconds behind Orach when he rounded the final bend… but instead of a celebration at the finish line Gomez saw a sea of medical personnel crowding around a crumpled body.


As he neared the commotion, Gomez realized that the collapsed athlete was Orach.“For a split second I kept going until I looked and saw it was Jesse,” Gomez said. “I couldn’t leave him there. In the running community, I feel camaraderie comes before competitiveness.”

In a move unheard of, Gomez bend down mid stride and scooped Orach to his feet. Together, with Gomez holding on tight, the duo neared the finish line until a small shove from Gomez sent Orach over the finish line, taking first place.

“He ran a better race. He gave it more than I did,” Gomez said. “I didn’t deserve to win.”

At first, Orach didn’t realize he’d taken first place again… a feat only 3 other runners had done before him. As the realization of what happened swept over the exhausted 23 year old, the reality of Gomez’s gestures really hit home.

Orahcs’ body temperature spiked at 107.3 degrees that day and he was left shaken… but alive and thankful to his newfound friend.

“I’ve felt better,” he said, smiling. “There was a lot of pressure, which could have played a factor in how the race ended. I definitely liked the atmosphere better last year when I didn’t have a target on my back.”

Even though Orach was the man to beat, it’s clear he had friends on his side.

But according to the ever humble Gomez, he is no one special, just another runner in a community that would do that for anyone.

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