postal carrier calls cops about elderly man

Elderly Man Greeted Postal Carrier Every Day, When He Stops Answering, She Immediately Calls Cops.

They come and go every day and if you live in small town, you probably say hi or wave out the window when they walk past. They’re your friendly neighborhood mailman or woman.

But whether or not you see them at your door every single day, they notice all the comings and going on their route. While that might not be a big deal for a family with kids to watch and errands to run, elderly folks often look forward to the daily interaction. Maybe they don’t have family that visits a lot or just live a solitary life. One elderly man in Barberton, Ohio, has his postal carrier to thank for a single phone call she made last month.


After two days of not picking up his mail or greeting her at the door like usual, Heather Rae’s antennae went up. She knocked on his door, heard no response, checked his van, and shouted out his name.

“I figured he had to be in there,” she said.


“That’s why I got the police involved.” And it’s a good thing she did because that call more than likely saved his life.

Police and firefighters entered his apartment through an open window and found the man on his bathroom floor. He’d fallen several days earlier and, unable to get back up, had lain there helplessly with nothing to eat or drink.


“They (police) came and told me that if I hadn’t called that he’d been there so long he was dehydrated, hadn’t ate, or drank and he was in really rough shape,” Heather said. “If I hadn’t notified them or called he probably wouldn’t have made it much longer.”

Watch the video below to hear the full story, and share to spread thanks for our caring and alert postal carriers!