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New Mom Was “Terrified” To Step On Scale, But A Nurse’s Note Changed Everything.

As any mother knows, being a new mom is hard. Of course, there’s nothing quite like those early days with your little one, but there are also all kinds of new challenges, including learning to love your post-baby body.

This was the case for Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera who just became a new mom after giving birth to her precious son, Isaiah.


Her first doctor’s visit after having Isaiah was nerve-racking for Mariah. “I was terrified to go to the doctor’s in the first place because I knew they were going to weigh me, and I hated being weighed even before I was pregnant,” she said. “As I was filling out some paperwork at the doctor’s office, I noticed the bright pink note on the wall. I got up, read it immediately, and my whole day was turned around.”



Mariah shared that she “worried about [her] weight” for a long time, even before she was pregnant. But now that she’s dealing with all the changes that come with having a baby, her relationship with her body has become even more complicated.

But this note gave her a much-needed boost of confidence.


She posted it on Instagram and it has since touched so many women in similar situations. Mariah has been surprised by the feedback her post has gotten. She knew the note was meaningful to her; she didn’t realize just how many others could relate.

“Every time someone asks me about that post or asks me how I feel, I just tell them I’m learning to love myself. I honestly think it’s just helping me love myself more.”


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