Internet Goes Crazy Over “Super Lamb” Picture, Photoshops Hilariously Genius Pictures.

Yesterday, a New Zealand photographer named Mike Heydon was photographing a farm in Wairarapa as part of a job with the Red Meat Profit Partnership. He was capturing farm life as usual, when he spotted a lamb take a giant leap. So he snapped a picture.

The photo Mike caught is perfection! “This particular lamb had just came out of the docking cradle and was pretty happy to be back in the paddock along with its mother,” a communications manager for the Red Mead Profit Partnership said. The photos was quickly added to Facebook, with the caption “No photoshop required here!”


Despite the fact that the photo didn’t require any photoshop, Reddit users have gone crazy over the photo! The image quickly became the subject of a Reddit photoshop battle, and the results are just too good…

Check out our favorites below!

  1. Faster than a sheeping bullet!

  2. Lambo.

  3. "I've... had... the time of my life... And I owe it all to ewe!"

  4. Touchdown!

  5. NeverEnding Story

  6. Look at him go!

  7. Baaackflip!

  8. Stage dive!

  9. It's a perfect 10!

  10. Speeder sheep.

  11. Quite the air show!

  12. Bull's eye!

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