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Woman With Dementia Goes Missing, But Police K9 Uses This 1 Thing To Locate Her In Minutes.

K9 officers rely on scent to do their jobs well. But when there isn’t a reliable item to smell for a purified version of a person’s scent, it makes their task that much harder.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case when K9 Ally was called to help out with a Florida missing person case earlier this week. The bloodhound was able to find an unnamed woman who suffers from dementia in just five minutes because of a very special kit.

When Ally, a K9 officer with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, was called to the scene, the family showed her this little jar with gauze in it.


The gauze pad was part of the scent-preservation kit the woman’s family had the foresight to purchase more than two years earlier. The kits usually include a jar that can be sealed, a sterile gauze pad, and label. Human scents are captured by swabbing the gauze across the armpits and sealing it in the jar.


Once Ally got a whiff of the gauze, she set off with her partner and located the woman!


Bloodhounds have roughly 300 million scent receptors, the most of any dog breed, and are often used by law-enforcement agencies searching for missing persons. They typically follow scents left on clothing or other items the missing person recently touched, but scent-preservation kits prevent the smell from being contaminated with other odors.

Additionally, scents captured with the kits can be preserved for up to seven years.


You can purchase these kits, or create one of your own with a sterile, airtight container and piece of gauze.

The best part about a job well done for Ally? Her sweet, sweet reward!


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