21 Horses With The Most Beautiful & Rare Colors In The World

Horses are some of the world’s most beautiful and astonishing animals.  We’ve seen their strong bonds with their human owners and how they help out their own. But today we are focusing on something different.

Their variations in color are absolutely astonishing. Some of the following horses have colors you have probably never seen before. Our InspireMore team has put together a list of some of the most rare and sought after colors. and these horses are stunning.

Check them out below.

  1. Brindle

    Brindle is very rare and the results can be very striking in nature. But the color comes from an accident during development, where two color traits fuse together, so horses of this type cannot reproduce their color.

  2. Dapple Gray

    This color consists of a dark gray coat with dapples of a lighter shade.

  3. Red/Strawberry Roan

    Red or Strawberry Roan is known for its reddish flecks of color that are most concentrated on the main, tail, face, and legs of the horse.

  4. Blue Roan

    This Gypsy Vanner stallion has a unique blue roan color. The body shows flecks of blue/gray and the mane, tail, face and legs are often almost black in color.

  5. Grullo Dun

    Grullo Duns are known for their tan-gray coats with a silvery sheen, dark mane and tail, striped legs and back.

  6. Amber Champagne

    The characteristics that distinguish a champagne horse are light eyes (usually amber), pink skin that is mottled or freckled, and body color that is diluted. The horse below also has an amber mane and tail.

  7. Cremello

    Cremellos are named as such because they carry a creme gene. They are known for their light mane and tail, cream-colored coat, rosy pink skin and blue eyes.

  8. Leopard Appaloosa

    The Leopard Appaloosa pattern is dark spots, of varying sizes, covering a white body. Their coats closely resemble a Dalmations. Spots can also be concentrated around the head and legs.
  9. Blanket Appaloosa

    This appaloosa is most recognizable for its white, blanket-like pattern on its back and hindquarters and contrasting base color.


  10. Liver Chestnut

    A dark brown horse with lighter mane and tail.

  11. Palomino

    Palominos are known for their golden coat and creamy mane and tail. The most famous of these is Roy Roger’s horse Trigger, who has been immortalized into a collectable figurine, and his body lives on as part of Roger’s museum exhibit.

  12. Chocolate Palomino

    The chocolate palomino has a distinctive dark brown body and creamy mane and tail.

  13. Perlino

    Perlino horses have cream coats, pink skin, and blue eyes. They are also known as pseudo-albino or cream horses. Their color can vary of a range from very pale off white to a pale coffee color.

  14. Buckskin

    With a golden coat and black mane, tail and legs, horses with buckskin coloring are quite striking.

  15. Buttermilk Buckskin

    A buttermilk buckskin has a very light, creamy coat and dark black mane, tail and legs.

  16. Silver Dapple Sooty Buckskin

    This unique and rare color combines 3 different gene elements to create several variations of beautiful colors. See some of the combinations below.

  17. Pinto

    Pinto horses have a coat color of large patches of white mixed with any other color and are most popular in North America. This beautiful coloration can be combined with other rare colors for beautiful variations.

  18. Strawberry Roan Paint

    Roan markings mix with white splashes for a beautiful coat pattern.

  19. Bay Overo Paint

    Overo classify a set of pinto patterns where the white originates on the horse’s belly and will rarely cross the back of the horse.
  20. Tobiano

    A paint with a dark base color that usually covers one or both flanks. Usually all four legs are white as well.

  21. Tovero

    This horse will show characteristics of both overo and tobiano color patterns.

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