31 Schools In Florida Just Banned Homework For The Greatest Reason

If you’re a parent with young children, they’ve probably come home with assignments to complete for the next day. Whether in kindergarten or high school, homework is the bane of most students’ lives.

But what does it really accomplish? Some educators argue that it takes time away from class hours, contributes to exhausted students, and even subtracts from much-needed family bonding at home. An entire county district in Florida is hoping to change all that.

Marion County Public School announced that all of their elementary students will not have homework.


Instead of doing traditional homework, the students should spend time with their families.

The children are encouraged to read aloud with their parents for at least 20 minutes each night.


“We are not only strengthening family involvement and strengthening the child’s love of reading, but we are providing the teachers with more time to teach,” said superintendent Heidi Maier.

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But Marion’s school district isn’t the only one to make this drastic decision.

Kelly Elementary School in Massachusetts announced a similar policy in 2016 and a second-grade teacher posted on Facebook about her own decision to remove homework from her class’s curriculum.


While many parents in Marion County were upset with the district’s announcement, others are overjoyed that their kids will be able to come home and truly enjoy being children.

We think it’s wonderful that the administrators are paying such close attention to their students’ home life as well as school life.

Share if love that these kids will get to relax and spend time with their families reading.

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