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College Daughter Finds Strange Wheel In Notebook, Then Mom Sees It & Breaks Down.

Last month, many of you experienced the back-to-school rush. No matter how much planning and organizing you do over the summer, it seems like that first day back to class — or the day you make the trip to the college campus — is still always a blur.

This was definitely true for 19-year-old Hailey Weiss. She was in a rush to pack up the car before returning to the College of New Jersey for her sophomore year when her mom, Carrie, reminded her to grab school supplies from the basement. Hailey snatched a seemingly random spiral notebook and headed off. It wasn’t until she opened it up to use it for class that she found a strange wheel inside.



“Although the notebook was empty, she saw labels on the pockets in my handwriting,” said Carrie. “‘Test Results,’ ‘Referrals’… Then she saw the calendars that came pre-printed in the notebook with the years 1995 to 1997 and found the due date calculator.”

That’s when Hailey put it together and texted her mom.


“The notebook I’m using for college helped you guys keep track of how to create me!”

As it turns out, Carrie and her husband had struggled with infertility for years early on in their marriage. As they met with doctors and specialists, Carrie kept all the information organized in a notebook — a notebook she thought was long gone.

When she learned that Hailey had discovered it, Carrie was moved reflecting on her “two miracles.”

“It gave me a moment of pause,” she said. “We miss her when she is at school, but we are all so connected. There’s a lot of pride about how we came to be a family and we all cherish it.”


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