Artsy Mom Crafts Husband’s Old Shirts Into The Cutest Outfits For 3 Daughters.

As many moms will tell you, becoming a parent is an exciting and joyful time, but– with all the changes– it can also be difficult. Many moms express feeling a little lost; they feel that in becoming “so and so’s mom” they lose their identities.

This was the case with Stephanie Miller, a Utah mom of 4. Stephanie is an art teacher and artist, and when she became a mom she found it difficult to be away from her craft.

“We were living in a one-bedroom apartment with little space for me to set up my paintings, the oil paints have unhealthy fumes, and it took me too long to set up my paints with a baby to care for,” she said. “I was suffering with postpartum depression, and with the lifestyle shock of motherhood, I felt a loss of identity.” That’s when her husband came up with an idea.

Stephanie’s husband brought home a $50 sewing machine from Walmart. Stephanie studied YouTube tutorials, and– as she got the hang of it– she soon fell in love with this new art form. Little did she know, it would become a huge part of her life.

“Three months ago, my husband was getting rid of clothes and on top of the pile was a shirt I had just given him for Christmas,” said Stephanie. “I was frustrated at him for wanting to get rid of something so new, but it had shrunk. I kept it and a few of his other shirts in hopes of making something out of them. I follow some other seamstresses on Instagram and saw some of their refashions and thought, ‘I could try that.’”

Cutting fabric early in the morning while my whole house sleeps.

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Stephanie gave it a try, and she loved what she created!

So Stephanie decided to keep going, refashioning the shirts and fine-tuning her skills.

Now she’s crafted tons of gorgeous dresses for herself and her daughter.

And the girls love it too! “When I’m doing laundry my little girls will pick up their daddy’s shirts and make requests for dresses.”

Now friends and neighbors donate clothes to Stephanie, supplying her with materials so she can continue to develop this wonderful talent!

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