condor rancher reunion

Massive Vulture Charges Rancher, But Seconds Later, It Recognizes Him.

Animals of all shapes and sizes have a huge capacity to remember those who have helped them.

Edgardo, a cattle rancher who lives in Loncopué, Argentina, knows that through and through. When he found a baby condor who’d fallen from its nest, instead of ignoring it, the kind man decided to nurse it back to health. The rancher would leave dead animals he found around his property for the helpless chick to find. Eventually, the bird grew up and was able to support himself.

Though Edgardo never technically adopted him, the condor remembers all that the farmer did for him.


How does he know? Well, the bird, who Edgardo named Condorito, regularly comes back to visit his rescuer.


The huge vulture nuzzles the rancher just like a dog or cat would its owner. It’s almost as if he returns to say ‘thank you.’


The clip started circulating on social media back in June and has been viewed well over 1 million times. Viewers are understandably surprised and inspired by the intensity of this inter-species greeting:


Watch the clip below and share to spread this beautiful relationship!

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