Depressed Man Sells All His Possessions, Then Takes Loyal Dog On Walking Tour Of The World.

In March of 2017, Paul Whatley and his dog started a 40,000 mile trek around the world – entirely on foot.

Paul and his pup Bret, of Edinburgh, Scotland, follow in the footsteps of famous Canadian explorer Jean Béliveau. The Canadian hero spent 11 years walking a wandering road around the world… though Paul plans to complete his trek with a little more purpose. The journey will not be an easy one, but Paul is walking for himself and also those who are in the biggest fight of their life.

  • Paul spent his entire adult life bouncing between jobs and relationships.

  • Paul's restlessness, which he suspects is undiagnosed ADHD, plagued him to the point of drastic measures.

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  • To combat his depression and need to 'do something with his life' Paul decided to set out on his 5 year journey.

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  • “I’ve worked in shops and done a heating engineering apprenticeship – I just felt like it was a waste of two years.

  • “I’m very restless and have always been like that since school, I reckon I’ve had ADHD and just not been diagnosed.

  • “I don’t normally mention it to anyone, but I have depression and anxiety problems. I’ve been dealing with depression for the last two years.

  • “I had this feeling of being empty and there was no purpose to anything – like I say I’ve never been able to settle in jobs or relationships and end up pushing people away

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