Blind Groom Didn’t Get To See Bride Walk Down Aisle, But 15 Yrs Later Gets 2nd Chance.

When it comes to weddings, everyone has some special moment in mind they look forward to most. For many people, it’s when the groom locks eyes with his bride for the first time in all of her glorious white-gown beauty. After so many months of build up and secrecy, the dress is revealed!

Guests love to see the groom’s first reaction to his future wife starting her walk down the aisle towards their new life together, and it’s even more emotional for the groom himself!Which makes the story of Andrew and Kelli Airey’s wedding heartbreaking to hear.

Which makes the story of Andrew and Kelli Airey’s wedding heartbreaking to hear.

Andrew is 37 years old and is now legally blind after battling with Stargardt disease since he was a teenager.


Stargardt is a rare disease that causes vision loss over a period of time. “I was starting to get these blind spots, so we went for a myriad of tests,” Andrew told Inside Edition. “They said I got an eye disease and it’s progressing fast.”


For the past 20 years, Andrew has been unable to see clearly. Andrew had to give up his driver’s license, his job in sales, and all kinds of other pleasures of life… including seeing his wife walk down the aisle on their wedding day.


However, in the last two decades, technology has changed drastically.

An engineer named Conrad Lewis was inspired by his two legally blind sisters to start the company eSight which sells glasses that give the gift of sight to people who suffer from blindness These electronic glasses have actually achieved the unimaginable and made it possible for the legally blind to see their surroundings.

Andrew and Kelli are approaching their 15 year wedding anniversary later this year, and– to help them celebrate– eSight gifted the couple with a full re-enactment of their special day. Except this time, Andrew would wear the eSight glasses and would be able to witness Kelli’s walk down the aisle with almost perfect 20/20 vision.


“Celebrating 15 years of marriage with our second wedding is the perfect way to start fresh,” Kelli says in her vows. “I couldn’t be more excited that your new glasses will give you back the ability to see the things you’ve missed for so long. And I can’t wait to watch you see the many details of our daily adventures with our family.”


To celebrate the renewal of their vows and Andrew’s new gift of sight, the happy couple has put together a wedding registry collecting donations for others battling blindness to get their own pair of eSight glasses.

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