12 bewildering pictures that prove the Amazon is the last true wild frontier

The Amazon is a stunning place unlike any other on the planet. There’s always something you’ve never seen or didn’t even know existed around every corner.  There are new species, tribes that are unaware of the modern world and underwater rivers.

All are wild and awe-inspiring.

It’s almost hard to believe that while looking at your screen, going about your day, there is an other-worldly, primal place like this in existence.  And flourishing.  So take a deep breath and enter into the Amazon and it’s most stunning, wild features.

  1. Dynamite Trees

    • In order for these “sandbox trees” to spread their seeds, they bear fruit. But rather than dropping to the forest floor when ripe, the fruit actually explodes, sending seeds hurtling as far away as 150 feet.

  2. The Rio Hamza

    • Discovered in 2011, this fascinating river is actually completely underground. When measured, it was found the girth is much wider than the Amazon, and carries over forty times the amount of water than the Thames in England.

  3. Glass Frogs

    • The abdominal skin of these surprising creature is translucent. Because of that, you can clearly see their heart and liver from underneath. Weird.

  4. Candiru Fish

    • Also known as ‘vampire fish,’ the toothpick shaped Candiru is a species of catfish that has a hankering for human as it is a vicious parasite.

  5. The Bodele Depression

    • Transatlantic winds carry sand and dust from the Bodele Depression (thousands of miles away from Chad) across the Atlantic Ocean to the Amazon, fertilizing it. If not for this stretch of desert, the Amazon would likely not even exist.

  6. Mysterious Plants

    • The plants of the Amazon are the source of nearly one-quarter of all of the drugs we use today. Over 99% of the Amazon’s plants have yet to fully studied and analyzed.

  7. Uncontacted Tribes

    • It’s truly shocking to know that there are tribes in the Amazon that have not had contact with the outside world for centuries.

      A recent expedition found such a tribes and photographed the clan by plane.

  8. Anacondas

    • We’ve seen these slippery beasts in movies and they are certainly are as terrifying off screen as they are on.

    • Green anacondas can grow more than 29 feet, weigh more than 550 pounds, and measure more than 12 inches in diameter.

  9. Pink Dolphins

    • The Amazon river dolphin (the Boto) is a pink hued animal that is the largest of all river dolphins.  It feeds on up to 52 different types of fish and is in reality a species of toothed whale.

  10. "Ants From Mars"

    • The pale, eyeless (hence blind) ant appears to be adapted to living underground, possibly surfacing at night to forage.

      The tiny new species is the only known surviving member of an ant lineage that separated from the main family more than a hundred million years ago, DNA analysis revealed.

  11. Species Count

    • The Amazon is thought to have 2.5 million species of insects and more than half are thought to live under its canopy.

  12. Effects on the ocean

    • The Amazon River dumps so much fresh water into the ocean, that for nearly 100 miles off shore the ocean is less salty than normal.  Talk about powerful.

      So there you have it.  The Amazon is wildly wild and wildly fascinating.  It is indeed a last frontier.

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