What is ?

InspireMore is an uplifting media site that gives users the ability to make a global impact simply by sharing inspiring content.

In an age of bad news and depressing social comparison, we launched InspireMore with one goal: inspire people. Since going live, we’ve raised ~¬†$100,000 for great charities and reached millions around the world with messages of hope, love, adventure, triumph, and¬†motivation.

One of our company mottos is that we want to ‘make your views and clicks count for more.’

To make that happen, we do two things:

Inspiring Media

Every day, we create new posts featuring the most inspiring media content on the web. It is a free service to you that is guaranteed to make your day better after each visit.

Empower You to help charities

Every time you share an InspireMore story, we donate a portion of our profits to a great charity*.

*Since our revenue comes from online advertising (the banners you see at the top and bottom of our pages), the more times you watch or share, the more we are able to donate.