23 Times Kids Gave The Funniest Answers To Test Questions

We’ve all had that moment. When someone asks you a question– or a question is right in front of you on a test– and you know you should know the answer… But you just don’t. What do you do in a situation like that? Some people hope for a lucky guess, others panic, others– like the individuals taking the tests and quizzes below– see it as an opportunity to get creative!

Below are 23 examples of this creativity. In each of the images below, the test-taker clearly did not know the answer to a question, so made up a clever alternative response! And they’re absolutely hilarious.

Check it out!

  1. What ended in 1986?

  2. Well it said "suggest"...

  3. Find the difference.

  4. At least she explained her answer!

  5. What a wonderful phrase...

  6. Warren is a realist.

  7. Cause and effect...

  8. Very funny, Peter.

  9. Math.

  10. Giraffes are heartless creatures!

  11. No one can say he isn't confident!

  12. Enough is enough, Judy!

  13. Aw... Poor cells!

  14. Now that's going to be stuck in my head...

  15. You should not hit dogs!

  16. I want to retake this test.

  17. Name the quadrilateral!

  18. Freeloader.

  19. Advice for Abraham Lincoln...

  20. He took a risk!

  21. Well, that's true...

  22. What is the strongest force on earth?

  23. Classic.

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