21 Most Adorable Wiener Dog Photos Ever Taken

Is there anything as lovable and hilarious as a wiener dog? I mean, we love all dogs… But there’s something especially amusing about a wiener dog. Also known as Dachshunds, these short, stout stretched-out canines know how to steal hearts and evoke laughter without even trying.

It’s almost obnoxious how cute they are, even just in their natural state. But dressed like actual hot dogs, stuck in fences and jumping through the air like a pure-bred stallion? Irresistible! So, without further adieu, here are the 21 most adorable wiener dog photos ever taken:

  1. We're soarin', flyin'…

  2. Hot dog!

  3. Oh the classic head tilt!

  4. Adorable little cowboy…

  5. Let me help you with those groceries…

  6. Do blondes really have more fun?

  7. Ready for school!

  8. Omg they fit so perfectly…

  9. I'm betting on #5!

  10. The tiny tongue!

  11. That's one big smooch.

  12. Do you like my t-shirt?

  13. Um hi. Rub my tummy please?

  14. Whoops! Didn't see you there…

  15. Ready for bed!

  16. Cheesin'.

  17. I wonder what he's listening to!

  18. So tiny!

  19. Gotta get that Vitamin C!

  20. What's better than one Dachshund? Three Dachshunds!

  21. Lovin' life.

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