Want To Be Happy? Give Up These 10 Things.

Most of us are on the constant search for happiness in life. Though we might be able to find some happiness that lasts for a little while in food, shopping, and people, it is never truly permanent.

The only way to be genuinely happy is to stop searching for joy in material goods. Instead, start by making the important changes to your habits listed below.

  1. Give up those toxic relationships right away.

    Not all relationships that have conflict are necessarily toxic. Sometimes issues will come up that will need to be talked through and processed for both people to be able to move on and continue in a healthy way.

    However, there are relationships that can be so toxic that remaining friends or romantically involved will only bring you heartache and harm. If someone is continually at odds with you and keeping you from reaching your full potential, it is time to part ways so that you both can live your lives with joy.

    Please make sure to seek out help if you are in any type of abusive relationship.

  2. Give up on your regrets from the past.

    Replace regrets with action.

    Take what you’ve learned from those things you would have done differently and use that wisdom to change your life today.

  3. Give up the excuses that are holding you back.

    If your regrets are holding you back, give them up now. If your fears are holding you back, give them up now and take that step forward before you have time to overthink anything.

    It only takes 10 seconds to block out that list of excuses from your mind and take charge of your life. Most times you will find that those excuses only existed in your head. It’s never too late in the day, in the year, or in your life to start over.

  4. Give up social media for at least a day every week.

    During these weekly cleanses, you will find yourself not only avoiding all of the negativity that exists online, but also finding more time in your day to tackle all of your goals.

    By taking a break from social media, you will have more time for your family, more time to knock those items off of your list, and more time to get some real rest – which is important for your overall happiness.

  5. Give up gossiping with others.

    In the moment, gossiping might feel good and it can tend to mask itself as just allowing yourself to vent some frustrations. However, gossiping only tears down others and you will be left feeling pretty crummy in the end. Don’t engage in any type of gossip if you want to avoid this feeling.

  6. Give up asking yourself all of the 'what if' questions.

    Similarly to giving up regrets, don’t allow yourself to waste anymore time focusing on the ‘what if’ questions. The past is the past. Everything that was done is now far behind you, and it is time to make a change in your present.

    Focus on the here and now so that you can stop the list of ‘what if’ questions with today.

  7. Give up unrealistic goals for smaller, more attainable ones.

    Don’t give up those seemingly impossible goals!  These are important for your overall happiness because they give you the passion and drive you need to be successful everyday.

    But don’t fixate on those long-term goals. Instead, focus on making smaller, more attainable goals that will eventually lead up to your bigger goal. If you want to write a book in a year then set a goal to write 1,000 words for the book everyday!

  8. Give up on placing labels on yourself and others.

    Don’t let the labels others place on you define you as a person because you are so much more than that. When you stop placing an importance on these labels and eliminate the labels you have placed on others, you will find so much happiness in the freedom and peace to be truly you who were meant to be.

  9. Give up people pleasing and saying "yes" to everything.

    It is impossible to make everyone happy and still meet your own needs. No one can expect you to be anything more than your best.

    Along with this, understand that if you say “yes” to everything you will never have the proper amount of time that you need to focus on your own mental and physical health. Prioritize what is important and just say “no” to everything else.

  10. Give up being your own worst critic.

    At the end of the day, you can eliminate all of the negativity that comes from the outside in and still be unhappy… because of the negativity you are feeding into yourself.

    In order to be mentally healthy and happy, we need to feed ourselves with nourishment and positive thinking. It can be hard because we are all naturally our own worst critic, but it is possible to do this. Every time a negative thought about yourself starts to creep into your head, replace it with something that you love about yourself.

    A practical way to start this habit is by placing positive notes about yourself around your home and workplace!